Kojima Productions’ teaser page has been adding tiny bits and bobs over the past couple of weeks, and now we’re finally seeing some hints that actually seem to mean something: a new Metal Gear Solid game!

First there was a field with a daunting grey sky on the teaser site, and now, seemingly meaning we’re getting close to something big, we’re seeing a huge storm with a massive downpour of rain, thunder and lightning.

There’s also been the recent addition of letters and a number on the site, which obviously must mean something. The letters, and number, featured are R", "P", "S or 5", "E", "e", all this accompanied with the face of Big Boss, which definitely means there’s something Metal Geary-a-coming.

The clock is clearly counting down to a point during E3, and currently has 110 hours left.

We’ll let you know as and when an update comes.