Someone remade a classic with this World of Warcraft Unreal 4 footage and now we can't help but to want it officially. Though I continue to play World of Warcraft religiously to this day, even I can admit that the graphics are more than a little dated. That's not to say graphics make a game, but they can elevate an amazing game and make it even better (sometimes) and that's exactly what WoW fans can see when one MMORPG fan decided to remake the beloved online experience in Unreal Engine 4. 

For some, this project will look familiar. Daniel L has been putting that Unreal touch on Azeroth for years now but one of his most recent videos focuses on a few key locations, including Duskwood and Durotar. Check it out for yourself below: 


If you're a WoW-head, you should definitely check out his channel here. It's filled with recreations such as this, truly showing off the potential beauty of the open-world game and what it could achieve should we ever get a remaster. It's not likely, because of the scope, but we can dream! 

As for the game itself, we have a ton of guides and news features about our beloved World of Warcraft. When you're done drooling over the above World of Warcraft Unreal 4 footage, you should mosey on over to our Game Hub here to learn even more about the MMORPG that continues to stand the test of time.