Toss a coin to your favorite romance option. Or romance option wishlist, because that's exactly what the Witcher Netflix series has inspired with a new fan petition begging CD Projekt RED to add Dandelion as a romance option for Geralt of Rivia. 

Move over Triss and Yennefer, there's a new star in town. The petition created by Artyom Pask on pleads with the devs to allow players to explore the relationship (up until this point, platonic) between the Witcher himself and Dandelion (or Jaskier, if you're seeing the show). 

According to the petition, "The relationship between Geralt and Dandelion is a very unique and comedic one that has been portrayed very well in the books, games and most recently the Netflix series. Their relationship is one of contrast where Geralt takes the role as a dark moody character and his, probably best, friend and occasional side kick is often utilized as the comedic release. It is clear that, even though Geralt tries to hide it, the care about each other and have genuine respect for each other. This unique relationship has the potential to be a beautiful and very comedic story." 

Whether it be DLC or a new game entirely, this person really wants to see this particular relationship explored fully. While Dandelion captured our hearts in-game, Jaskier is the switch up seen in the Netflix series adaptation that focuses more on the books than the games that spawned from them. Either way, there is chemistry and a catchy show-tune, so we're not exactly going to say no to seeing more of that. Plus, it could be hilarious. Not that the relationship is necessarily funny, but Jaskier's (or Dandelion's) interactions with Geralt could be a comedy goldmine. 

So far, CD Projekt RED has yet to acknowledge the petition in question, but maybe if it gets enough eyes we'll see something in the future! And don't forget to toss a coin to your Witcher! 

H/T DFTG, header image art by Vollhov on DeviantArt