Let's face it, there are some weird games out there. We thought the D jokes ended with Genital Jousting but it looks like we were wrong because there's a new contender in town: Wanking Simulator. 

According to the team over at MrCiastku, "You play as Winston Gay, a man whose house was taken away by the corrupt government after being called out for wanking too loud by his neighbors. Now, Winston is on a mission to make everyone in the town pay a price for taking away his home." 

We're not going to pretend there's a deep-dive here (heh) or that this game is anything that it's not. The entire point is to ... well, wank. The player is thrown into a "mix of destruction and waking" in a place called Gay Bay filled with churches and less sacrilegious places. 

"The game created by MrCiastku is based on absurd and politically incorrect assumptions. This surreal and humorous simulator, which can be associated with the animated series South Park, will offer additional game modes, different locations and new forms of activity on the day of release," Ultimate Games S.A. CEO Mateusz Zawadzki tells us.

The game also comes with a ton of bizarre features, including: 

  • unique gameplay model

  • crazy and unpredictable story

  • absurd humour

  • diverse locations

  • lack of political correctness

  • cars and balloons

  • elaborated challenge system

  • arena mode (fight against hordes of enemies)

  • special spells to create chaos

  • even more options in the sandbox mode

It definitely seems to be pulling from the South Park pool. Weird or weirdly perfect? You decide, because it's coming soon in the first quarter of 2020.