Bless this world we live in. For those that may not know, Valve boss Gabe Newell was spotting as a face for selling underwear in China. The discovery was found a few years ago for "Long Dian" underooskis, but it looks like the marketing is still in full swing thanks to recent sighting. 

Is this news, you might be asking? Well, no, but we are strong, independent game journos that have the maturity levels of a 10-year old sometimes and honestly? I can't stop laughing at the bad 'shop job: 

Gabe with the LongD from r/pcmasterrace

The PC Master Race subreddit is a land filled with wonders and weird memes, but this Gabe treasure is the best loot of them all. 

Now we know there's a bit of a rivarly going on now between Steam and the Epic Games Store, but riddle me this: Where is Tim Sweeney's badly photoshopped underwear ad? Hmm? Case closed. 

The best part about the above packaging isn't even his face, it's the translation. As seen in the image above, his face graces the 4XL size and the marketing is translated as "Extra Large Fat Man Pants." So far, Newell hasn't addressed his image being used for these comfy man panties, but we can't imagine he'd be too pleased with it. You know what would take his mind off of it? Half-Life 3.

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