Folktales have always been a part of humankind to help us entertain and communicate lessons to each other. The exciting worlds that Folktales deliver to our minds often make us want to be able to live these stories ourselves. If this sounds like you, you will not be disappointed by jumping into the world of Yaga. This particular title thrusts players right into the middle of Slavic Folklore in the shoes of Ivan. An unlucky blacksmith, Ivan is caught in between the tasks of a Tzar, a manipulative witch, and his dear grandma, who wants him to settle down and find a wife. 

The environment of Yaga provides a whole array of things for players to experience when playing as Ivan. This lively world means there are plenty of ideas for players to account for when they are first starting their adventure in this Slavic Folktale. Fortunately, we were able to sit down and speak with Yaga developer Catalin Zima-Zegreanu and get some "insider" tips to help when you are first beginning. 

Utilizing your trade is something we should all make sure to do in life. This is why you should not be hesitant to take advantage of Ivan's blacksmithing abilities early on. "Ivan is a blacksmith, after all, so the best tip we can give is for the players to make use of the smithing skills," Catalin told Prima Games. "Forge hammers and tools whenever you have the opportunity!"

One of the significant aspects of Yaga is the opportunity for players to influence how things in the world play out directly. Players can do this by building a reputation up by taking on various roleplaying avenues. However, Catalin advised us that switching up from the usual roleplaying choices you choose when playing games allow for you to see the full range of possibilities that can occur in Yaga. 

"To the players who always end up playing the “good guy”: don’t be afraid to roleplay a certain personality! Being 'righteous' is not always the same as 'good,'" explained Catalin. "Being 'aggressive' might sometimes make things 'better.' Of course, the game rewards players who remain consistent with their choices (by making bad luck less likely to strike), and this is why we encourage you to play another run, and another, to see how it plays out for different kinds of Ivan."

Individuals jumping into a deep title like Yaga sometimes may overlook aspects that are very important to your success. Yaga features an in-depth crafting system that allows you to create a variety of weapons and other items. The importance of Yaga's crafting system is why Catalin suggests that players keep their eyes trained on one specific feature. 

"The upgrades to the Anvil are an important aspect of the game. Overlooking it will make your game much harder," said Catalin. 

Bread is one of the many magic items that you will find to be very beneficial to Ivan in his adventures. However, you will be doing a significant disservice to yourself if you are only concerned with bread, according to Catalin. "Don’t limit your magic item use to Bread, an Evil Eye can sometimes really come in handy, or maybe summoning a helper in combat will help even more."

Varying your use of magic items will help you make sure Ivan does not fall victim to the threats he will face. However, that does not mean you can not stockpile a large number of one magic item in your inventory. "Remember that some witches can multiply your magic items," stated Catalin. "If you have an item you love, keep one copy of it safe in your inventory, and multiply it when you find a witch."

The weapons that you decide to have Ivan use will depend heavily on your playstyle when it comes to combat. The Deadly Hammer was suggested to us for individuals who like to head into battle gun-blazing. The stunning ability of the Garlic Clove and the crowd-control potency of the Fine Gemstone item are better suited for players who would rather see Ivan take a more tactical approach to fight. 

It may be tempting to put all of your faith into your favorite weapon. This would not be a wise decision because Likho, the embodiment of evil fate and misfortune in Slavic Mythology, is always keeping an eye on Ivan and will not hesitate to break his weapons at a moment's notice. The ever-present threat of Likho means you should always have an array of weapons at the ready for any situation. Luckily, if you find that bad luck keeps on breaking your weapons, there is one specific item that can help you. "Keep an eye out for a Five Leaf Clover! It is a crucially important item if you feel Bad Luck keeps breaking your weapons," Catalin stated. 

In addition to weapons, talismans are objects Ivan can use to change his abilities and the gameplay itself. However, you will not be doing yourself any favors by equipping your most powerful ones at the same time. "Don’t equip all your best talismans at once. Try to balance them and always have a back-up set prepared in case you lose one of them," Catalin told Prima Games. 

Now, there are sure to be times where you have accumulated a plethora of items that you do not currently need. Fortunately, the world of Yaga provides players altars dedicated to the Old Gods. These altars are perfect areas to donate your unwanted items and acquire unique items in return, according to Catalin.

Yaga delivers an awe-inspiring and authentic experience that will engross you for the multiple playthroughs you are likely to complete in the game's expansive and living environment.  

Players around the world will be able to experience the living Slavic Folktale of Yaga beginning on November 12th. The riveting title will be available for individuals on PC via the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.