Supermassive's Man of Medan promises to be a unique horror experience that utilizes a lot of the same mechanics that their hit PlayStation 4 experience Until Dawn. Instead of a cold cabin in the woods, players will instead find themselves on a creepy boat stranded in open-water but apparently, it's not just the evils lurking that are the only dangers - your friends can get you killed as well.

Man of Medan offers a co-op experience when taking to this horror tale and in a recent developer diary from Supermassive Games, there are definitely downsides to playing with a friend. How this works, both players can take control of one of the numerous protagonists available and they can make the choices for those particular characters. That being said, those choices definitely have consequences and your pal making one wrong one could mean your death. 

The video above also shows off how those choices are shown to each player, showing that a choice was made but that choice is still shrouded in mystery. It simply adds to the horror element, and gives the co-op experience a new edge that will make players more immersed in the experience in order to have a shot at the best rate of survival. 

As for the game itself, Man of Medan arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 30th.