We like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of all types of media here at Prima Games, and while we definitely love video games, we're also big anime enthusiasts! If you've been keeping your finger on the pulse recently when it comes to the genre, you're probably already aware of the new Stars Align anime from Eight Bit. If you've been looking for a good sports anime to sink your teeth into that's got a bit more depth than usual, then check this out.

Stars Align Anime from Eight Bit Makes a Splash

Stars Align is the latest from Eight Bit, and it's directed by Kazuki Akane of Mobile Suit Gundam and Code Geass fame. He's also famous for working on Escaflowne, so if you're wondering whether or not the sudden pivot to a decidedly different sub-genre of anime has worked out, well, we're glad to inform you that it has. The project was first announced in 2018, so it's been a long wait but well worth it.

Stars Align's basic premise is that at this particular high school, clubs are allocated funding based on two main factors: passion and results. Clubs who don't perform get cut. Enter: the boys' soft tennis club helmed by Toma Shinjo, who's utterly despairing at the skill levels of the other people on his squad. Enter: Toma's childhood friend, Maki Katsuragi, who's something of a prodigy. You probably already know where this is going, and you're likely right. Will Maki join the club and help his friend rescue it? Why is he so resistant to soft tennis? You're gonna have to watch to find out. 

The animation style in Stars Align is particularly charming. There's a certain soft fluidity in the motions of the characters when they're playing their favorite sport, and even when they're just hanging out. That's juxtaposed very effectively with some of the most dramatic moments in the anime so far, and while we're only a few episodes in, Akane's work definitely has people buzzing and Stars Align has skyrocketed in popularity. If you want to watch it too, it's currently available on Funimation.

We're gonna be keeping a close eye on this while we sit down to enjoy a bit of a blast from the past in the form of Psycho-Pass 4. Got any particular thoughts on Stars Align, sports anime, or reckon that I'm wrong because my favorite Akatsuki member is Deidara? Come chat with us on Twitter at @PrimaGames and stay tuned for more anime coverage.