Online gaming can be split up and places on lots of nicely defined categories. We can pick online casino gaming and put it in one box, eSports in another and MMORPGs in a third. But the sector is not as tightly separated as this, and crossovers emerge.

Even if you don't realise it at first, gaming niches borrow and steal from each other all the time. Here we discuss how MMORPGs and casino games may look wildly different, but how they have similarities and could appeal to the same type of gamer.

What Are MMORPGs?

MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, which is essentially any role-playing game with lots of players taking the role of a character in the virtual world. Most of these games feature in a world with dragons, orcs and elves – but not exclusively.

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG games with a reported 10+ million players. You can find MMORPG games that are located in different galaxies and space stations. Players join the game and develop the character over time, meeting new gamers and choosing sides in battles and quests.

You can enhance your character with new weapons, clothes and more.

3 Similarities Between MMORPGs and Gambling Games

So, how could a world where players take on the roles of characters in a virtual world have anything to do with online casino games? Well, there are some similarities between the two niches of gaming, which could suggest that MMORPG players will enjoy hitting the slots, and vice versa.

It’s crucial that casinos recognise popular trends in other areas of gaming, such as Multiplayer Role-Playing Games. Successful gaming companies need to be ahead of the competition, and Entain with their flagship service, PartyCasino, are the perfect example.

They provide slots based on popular music, TV characters, films, and live gaming experiences with a ready-made market. Read on to discover some of the unsuspecting similarities between MMORPGs and casino games.

1. Multiplayer Gaming

One immediate similarity between the two forms of gaming is that they are predominantly enjoyed online and in a multiplayer setting. Whereas MMORPGs are played online with other gamers on a mass scale, casino gamers log into an online casino with large volumes of people playing the different games available.

And even within modern casino game, players now play games alongside other players using the same website. They may communicate with them at the blackjack or roulette table by chance, just like MMORPG players might meet another player randomly and start chatting.

2. Live Gaming Experience

Another similarity is that both MMORPGs and casino gaming are played live. All of the action unfolds in that moment and is irreversible. All the action in an MMORPG is live just like when you play casino games.

You might be able to have almost identical experiences, but the action is always unpredictable and unfolding in real-time. This is even more true today where you can play live casino games with a dealer filmed from a studio.

The live dealer is another character to your experience that can interact with all casino members as the cards are dealt, and the chips fall one way or another.  

3. Constant Accessibility

The final similarity between MMORPGs and gambling games is that they are always available. Just because you put down the controller or close the casino website doesn't mean the action stops.

Other players and gamers keep the game going by participating in live events and communicating with each other. You're either playing or AFK (Away from Keyboard) – but never completely gone from the action.

Are There Any Gambling MMORPGs?

Most MMORPGs take on fictional worlds, but one or two have been made to represent real places and locations, including the Vegas strip. Casino RPG is one such game, enabling players to create an avatar and enjoy Las Vegas and its gambling haunts.

You can place bets and score points for your avatar if you win (no real money is at stake). You can spend your points on better threads or enter the bigger gambling competitions. A comparable game available on the PlayStation is The Four Kings Casino, where players use their avatar to explore the best casinos and play games for points and prizes.

But if you prefer to play Multi Player titles through Steam and enjoy the casino, you should try the Casino MMORPG. This is a game that works a bit like the Sims. Rise to the top through gambling meritocracy to become the kingpin casino owner of the town.

Virtual Reality Casinos and MMORPGs

Virtual reality casinos could create the perfect bridge between MMORPGs and online casinos. Let’s take a moment to understand how.

Virtual reality casinos are not really a thing right now. Some early work has been done to create a situation where gamers could attend a virtual reality casino with a headset from home. Let’s just say the technology isn’t perfect yet and isn’t widely available for the masses of avid online gamblers.

The hope is that virtual reality casinos will allow gamblers to put on a VR headset. They will then choose their favourite suit or dress for the evening and walk around a casino mixing with other players at the tables or the bar and play the casino games for real money.

There are even some aspirations for these games to finish their gaming and head around the other side of the bar or table to work as a virtual reality bartender or dealer. Yes, putting your headset on could be how you commute to work in the future.

If virtual reality casinos become, well, a reality, then it would be the ultimate crossover between MMORPGs and casino gaming. The two niches would become almost identical with the inclusion of real money wagering. And this could be the future for both within the next decade!

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