Mobile games have grown exponentially in recent years, branching out into many genres and new experiences that definitely exceeded expectations regarding this platform. There are a few different mobile titles that offer beyond just the simple “play on the go” mentality, with more substance and goal-driven objectives to make playing fun and evolving. One solid example of going beyond the norm is EverMerge by Big Fish Games.

EverMerge is a simulation game that centers around a place where famed story heroes live together in one offbeat world, waiting to be brought to life, one match, and merge at a time. When playing through EverMerge, players can then uncover modernized storybook characters like infamous shoe designer Cinderella, micro-farmer Paul Bunyan, and outdoor survivalist Snow White. Social media influencer Rapunzel seeks to spread beauty and style across the land while the witty kitty Puss In Boots prefers to cause mischief and strife. When players first enter EverMerge, they are greeted by a workaholic Sleeping Beauty with her disheveled hair, weighted blanket, and a mug of coffee; she’s pretty much all of us and the poster-child of “adulting.” Other notable characters that players can unlock include Little Mermaid, a punkified Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Sinbad, Thumbelina, Merlin, and a few more secret arrivals planned for the future.

This mobile game brings casual simulation favorites like recipe-making, task completion, and world-building to an environment that continues to evolve merge after merge. EverMerge is all about combining like-items that, when matched together, make even bigger items that help that in-game world grow in really fun and exciting ways. As the fog clears and more land is discovered by playing, there is even more to combine, new characters to meet and a whole wide world to discover. 

Create your own unique, storybook world

What makes EverMerge a truly enjoyable experience is that it offers a story for those that crave narrative progress, but this world-building game also offers tailored creativity within a simulation environment. Players can build the world of their dreams by merging everyday like-objects into something spectacular while also engaging with famous storybook faces with a cleverly crafted EverMerge spin. 

Players will be able to experience a world where our favorite storybook characters collide and in an environment they can shape through matching, combining, and merging items discovered throughout the game.

With simulation games being so popular, being able to take an experience like this on the go is something that gives EverMerge a value that really can appeal to any type of gamer. Play it on the go, play it all cuddled up on a cozy couch; really anything goes just as long as you’ve got magic on the brain while clearing that fog! 

Endless merging, endless discovery

There are hundreds of items to match and merge together: from Puss’ boots and Paul’s axe, to Rapunzel's hairbrush and Cinderella’s shoes. From candy trees and wheat fields to magic flowers and enchanted towers, players match and combine similar items to reveal bigger and better objects for the ultimate merge. 

But how does merging work, exactly? Merging in-game happens when placing identical items together in close proximity to upgrade them. It’s easy too: just drag them together on the map to make the magic happen. 

For beginners, it’s easy to get started. For example, three Candy Sprouts can be merged to make one Candy Bush and then those bushes can be combined to make one Small Tree. Taking that creativity even further, those upgraded trees can be merged to make one Giant Candy Tree. Let's be honest, who wouldn’t want a Giant Candy Tree?

Additional Pro Tip, free of charge: a merge of three is good; a merge of five is better!

Play as YOU want!

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no one right way to progress through EverMerge; each game board is as unique as the person playing. Its setup makes this a fun game to pick up and play for any amount of time with the level of dedication each player wants to put in. Mergers can take on a more casual approach to EverMerge, or they can go absolutely ham and spend some serious game-time finding all the secret items that can be crafted and the story that goes with them. 

The creative set up in this game makes it fun and rewarding to build entire towns and entirely new worlds by creating epic combinations and meeting new friends. Another cool feature about this game, which helps with those that may feel pressure when comparing creations to other players, is that no one game board will look alike, and that’s where this mobile game shines the most. There's so much to do in EverMerge that speaks to a wider audience than many mobile experiences out there. Casual, dedicated, creatively inspired; there is something for everyone which is just one of many reasons why EverMerge is a solid pick for those looking for something new. 

SIM-inspired world building

EverMerge includes favorite simulation features and brings them into an environment that continues to evolve, merge after merge. This keeps gameplay active and evolving, versus being a one-dimensional experience where you build within lines and then you’re just sort of done wondering what happens next.

To keep those creative juices flowing, players must merge items to collect ingredients and make recipes. Recipes make wands, which unlock the fog, which is absolutely crucial when looking to unlock individual characters and locations. Make sure to get help from Workers too! Once done, the magic truly begins and the road to rediscovering beloved characters is well underway!

The journey to creating items is also incredibly simple, which keeps the vast options of creation engaging without being overwhelming. With more and more characters uncovered, players will be given Orders. These Orders lead to new recipes found. Fulfill each Order given and rewards await such as wands and coins. Unsure if some Orders are worth fulfilling? Each one is marked with the reward offered, making it easy to prioritize what to combine when building, making the process much more tailored to individual game goals.

Another thing to remember: make sure to check out your Discoveries Book for countless goals to achieve all in one nice and tidy place. This is an important tool, especially for those that really want a challenging goal. 

EverMerge offers seemingly endless gameplay opportunities, and quests are a major part of that ongoing experience. Quests help keep the player focused and helps move the story forward, which keeps gameplay fresh. We've all grown up with storybook tales. For kids, this is a new way to enter a world of magic. For older players, the often sassy takes on familiar faces make EverMerge an interesting ride. One look at the punky Peter Pan says it all, these ain't yo momma's stories. 

Outside of the quests and unlockable characters, there are Daily objectives to keep in mind. Daily objectives are a way to earn rewards just by playing and they reinforce how to accomplice those in-game goals during world-building. 

With great rewards comes great 'shopability,' which is where the in-game market comes into play. The market shows all kinds of valuable items, like Free Chests, which all add up to help growing a player's world! 

There are many tools in the game itself that help build towards successful world-building. But building entire worlds can be hard, which can cause energy to drop to less than desirable levels. When that happens, “pop the Pixies” for additional gameplay if you’re low on energy.

Another great thing about EverMerge is that there is always something to do and always new reasons to jump back in. Events are limited-time features that offer exciting rewards and new experiences. From 24-hour events to seasonal, there is always something fun to do, just make sure to be on the lookout for the “Flooficores.”

At the end of the day, Big Fish's latest mobile adventure is one that appeals to a much bigger player-base than what one might think at first glance. There is an evolving story, there are objectives, and there is unlimited imagination. Even better? It's free! EverMerge is available now on Android and iOs. You can learn more about the magic of this particular mobile game right here through its official website.