Last year, we were shocked by the world news, and as the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread out, cities went under lockdowns, companies were forced to shut down physical operations, and we had to stay home to comply with social distancing measures and health protocols.

With much of the world forced to stay inside, people were looking for new alternatives to entertain themselves while still maintaining their social connections.

What was always regarded, and sometimes stereotyped, as isolating and unsociable, now is being seen as a powerful form of entertainment, and even a promising educational tool: video games.

When William Higinbotham created the world’s first video game – Tennis for Two – in 1958, he couldn’t imagine that he was giving birth to something that would become a billion-dollar industry, an important entertainment market, and a lifeline for millions of people during a global pandemic 63 years later.

Of course, the history of gaming is much richer than just the last few months, but the pandemic has initiated a period of outstanding growth for the sector, and has led to gaming tendencies all over the world.

According to recent surveys, people played much more video games during the pandemic, which led to companies being able to thrive during the period, and even record growth figures, despite the financial crisis that came with COVID-19.

To get a better understanding of what happened to the industry during this period, let’s take a look at some statistics regarding the gaming market, and some of the new trends that came up. But what’s clear is that with many of us stuck at home, the world refound its love for video games.

Some Enlightening Stats