With all of the Pokemon news going around with Pokemon Masters and Pokemon Sword and Shield, we've definitely got these adorable pocket monsters on the brain. I'll admit I have a pretty solid obsession with makeup and these brushes I found are just cute enough to make anyone want to catch 'em all. Whether for yourself or for your fellow trainer, these 

This adorable set can be found over on Etsy thanks to the 'FairyFolkCosmetics' shop and it offers a variety of fan favourite pocket monsters as a different makeup brush for everyday use. There also especially perfect for Eevee lovers, because COME ON. 

This same shop has also created adorable other makeup brushes from popular franchises like Sailor Moon, The Little Mermaid, even more Pokemon sets that even includes Charizard. It's so cute and even though the holiday season is still pretty far away, it's never too early to start those gift ideas! Or just buy for yourself, because I need all of these. 

Thoughts on the adorable makeup brushes? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames (or me personally @DirtyEffinHippy)! Be sure to also check out her shop right here for more nerdy creations!