We've had several leaks in the past year that reveals a much darker tone for the future of the Destiny franchise now that Bungie once again has total control over the series following the mutual separation with Activision back in 2018. The latest leak comes from Redditor 'ShadowofAnontheNine', a known leaker for Destiny with spot on reveals in the past. 

Before diving in head first into the latest rumor, it's important to remember that this is all unconfirmed at this time. Though Bungie has already mentioned that they are hard at work on the next phase for the franchise, details surrounding the potential third title haven't been shared publicly. Like with all rumors, take the below information with a grain of salt. 

According to the Reddit post, the next stage for the story will house a new enemy race called Astrodemons known as the Veil. He describes them as having "dark, greenish skin, sharp claws, and having a distinct stench of 'wet earth' as mentioned by Ada-1's mother in the lore entries brought with Black Armory." He also mentioned that these dark beings are incredibly powerful, maybe even more so than Guardians themselves. 

Another popular leak that spread last year that is continued with the latest rumor is that Destiny 3 will do away with traditional PvP, instead opting for an Open World formula that merges PvP and PvE elements. In the most recent leak, Anon says that the overall feel is designed similarly to that of PlanetSide, though he did mention that he isn't aware of any Crucible or sandbox changes. 

As for the story, Anon added "During the collapse, the god of the Veil was slain in a conflict with the light. Since then, the Veil have been waiting for the Traveler to re-awaken so they can syphon it's power to resurrect their dead god."

You can read up on all of his released tid-bits here but at this time, take it all with a grain of salt until Bungie themselves makes confirmations. We are a long way away from Bungie announcing anything specific, so for now it is all speculation and rumors from random sources on the Internet.

Still - the team did manage to turn the general opinion around with the release of the Forsaken DLC, but it was a long, hard road out of Hell to get to this point. Luckily, with that 180 in terms of player enjoyment, it looks like Bungie will have a lot more creative freedom going forward with the Activision split and we're excited to see how they've learned from past mistakes.