Gamers are always finding unique ways to pay homage to their favorite experiences, but one artist in particular took his love of nostalgia to an all new level with stunning wood recreations of some of our favorite titles from the past. He even created a few wooden pieces in tribute to Pokemon! 

The artist goes by "Pigminted" on both Instagram and Etsy, and his incredible attention to detail has definitely been put to good use. From cartridges, to cases, the below creations are breathtaking and also make for perfect gift ideas for the gamers in our lives! 

Below are a few of our favorite picks from his amazing shop:

There are so many more to choose from! Whether you're an N64 fan, or prefer to throw it back even further, he's got it all and most of his creations are for sale! Interested in scoping out the rest of his work? You can support the artist over on his Etsy shop right here