Late last week we were sent a mystery tube from Dying Light 2. It contained a note with some cryptic wording, which you can read below.

My Journey Of Discovering The Next Dying Light 2 Stream Which Is Happening This Week

“Remember Harran?

Of course you do. But all that-that was just the beginning… Now The City is our refuge and it needs your help.

Want to know more? 

You will, but you’ll have to hunt. I had to hide the info-this place isn’t safe. Track down the clues and remember, it’s all for your eyes only. This message cannot fall into the wrong hands.

You’re our last chance survivor.”

Now that’s a pretty cryptic and worrisome note to receive, but I simply had to accept my new mission and begin to figure out what was going on. 

I started by taping the poster and note to my wall, that’s what all the people in the movies do anyway

After staring at both the note and poster for far too long I figured it was hopeless. However, then I remembered that in all of the movies and television shows they tape a red string to connect clues. Well, I didn’t have any red string so I taped a piece of twine to the board and that’s when it hit me in the face. The clue I had been searching for was there all along.

Embedded in the poster was a link only found via UV light, which was included in this package but I mistook it for a flashlight and had casted it to the side. After revealing the content of the poster hidden in front of my poor eyesight we learned something.

Techland will be hosting a live stream for Dying Light 2 on May 27th at 3:00 pm EST. Above you can find the hidden message confirming the live stream at

Well, that’s my journey, I’ll be waiting for my call from Nancy Drew any moment now to join her team of investigators.

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