Alienware just revealed their new prototype portable PC and while they were open about being inspired by the Nintendo Switch, many are saying it's a direct rip-off. From the overall design to the detachable Joy-Con-esque controllers, the similarities are there with Alienware's vision of bringing PC gaming to an all-new level. But is it too similar or harmless inspiration?  

While it's certainly an interesting design and intriguing to be able to take PC games on the go in such a way, we don't know the specs quite yet for what this prototype will offer if it ever sees fruition. Obviously, it won't stack up quite like a high-performance PC, but if it's even slightly above the Switch's graphics settings, this could be a really good thing for Steam users especially.

But, it is the internet, and not everyone was happy: 

But not all of the reactions were negative. In fact, many stated that the Alienware design alievated many of the original gripes with some of the Nintendo Switch design choices:

Since this is just the prototype, there is no release window information at this time. Thoughts on the design? Flawed or flawless? Sound off by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames