Halo 3 turns 12 this year, let's reflect back on one of the best games in the Halo franchise! This particular entry into the Halo universe first made its debut on September 25th, 2007 and quickly became an acclaimed hit for those that enjoy that sci-fi touch. Developed by Bungie and Splash Damage, Halo 3 was a turning point before the changed hands over to 343 Industries. Still hailed for its incredible multiplayer experience and stunning narrative, we can't help but to want to sing this game's praises one more time in the name of celebration. 

For those that missed out on Halo 3, Master Chief made his triumphant return in order to uncover an ancient secret while working together for a survivable solution between the Covenant, Flood, and all of humankind conflict. Halo 3 marked the end of a trilogy with an outstanding amount of awards for its accomplishments in gaming and over 14.5 million games sold. 

Halo 3 was a huge reason why many even went out to scoop up an Xbox 360, it was all that many shooter fans could talk about. It's also a huge reason why Xbox One players scooped up the Master Chief Collection as a way to experience it once more with updated graphics and a smoother game experience. 

This game created a tight-knit community, it brought gamers together, and the multiplayer experience alone was oftentimes hailed for its addictive nature and progressive feeling of a rewarding match well-played. Though the game came under fire once the Master Chief Collection came out, it honestly seems like that feedback came more from a "hate on something because it's popular" stance than an actual reflection of the game itself, but regardless of that mixed perspective years after launch it still holds a beloved place in the FPS community. 

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