When DriveClub was delayed, it left Need for Speed Rivals as the only racing game at launch for PlayStation 4. Need for Speed is a great game, but one of the aspects that made DriveClub so anticipated was that a version of the game will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Since PS+ is required to play games online, it basically means that a good number of PS4 owners would be able to play a version of DriveClub for free. Of course that will still happen. We just have a wait a few more months.

In addition to the free aspect of the title, you can customize the races. You can adjust the weather if you want to, making it a cloudy night race that should be more challenging compared to typical daytime races. MotorStorm was a lot of fun for a wide range of people on the PlayStation 3, and now that the developers have focused their aim on a the super cars of DriveClub, it looks like we'll be in for a treat when it hits next year.

One of the most exciting aspects of DriveClub is the fact that it seems to find that perfect balance between the simulation style of Gran Turismo and the arcade style of Need for Speed. DriveClub is the best of both worlds and has a large amount of online interaction to boot. We can't wait to grab some friends, create our own club and hit the mean streets!