There’s a new Wolfenstein coming out next week. Series hero and man with the greatest name ever, B.J. Blazkowicz, returns to gun down waves of Nazi scum, but you won’t find many similarities with the dated Wolfenstein 3D. The follow-up, Wolfenstein: The New Order, takes place in a remarkably different environment and features incredible graphics, tons of action and plenty of soldiers practically daring you to fill them with lead.  It provides several hours of mindless first-person fun, but if you need even more reasons to play this virtual war machine, read on. 

The Nazis left the castle and conquered the world 

The New Order takes place in Europe, circa 1960, in a twisted version of the future where the Nazis win World War II. This presents a whole new story in the classic Wolfenstein franchise, filled with heroes and villains, from the square-jawed Blazkowicz to the diabolical Nazi scientist. That aside, the game doesn’t throw you into typical WWII scenarios that we’ve seen in such games as Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms and older Call of Duty titles, nor will you wander aimlessly through Hitler’s castle.  The developers seem to delight in whisking you from one exciting backdrop to the next. It’s a cool opportunity to see the world from a horrifying perspective. 

Not your typical Nazis 

Yes, you have the aforementioned scientist and typical foot soldiers, but this new Wolfenstein seems to have borrowed elements from Transformers in the sense that you battle mechanical raptor-like creatures and other contraptions, because as we all know, video games featuring Nazis usually center around them tapping into the occult, possessing sci-fi weaponry or both. 

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Throat-stabbing, gun-firing mayhem

If your idea of a great time involves puncturing biomechanical mutts and wielding two heavy machine guns while assaulting a bunch of super soldiers, Wolfenstein: The New Order appears to deliver this experience, at least from what we played. It probably doesn’t last too long and the plot might be razor thin, but none of that will matter as you carve up bad guys and empty bullet clips.  It’s the equivalent of summer movie fun, but you don’t share a theater with a bunch of talkers and that one couple who brought a baby to an R-rated film. Why? Why do they do that? 

You still have a week to go until Watch Dogs 

Let’s face it, you’ve wanted to play Watch Dogs for at least two years and can’t wait to rip into it, but you have seven more days to wait. You need to kill the time, and that’s where Wolfenstein walks right up and says “hey, take a look at me!” 

Play the DOOM beta…later

There’s also a new DOOM on the way, and just as people bought Crackdown to get a sneak peak at Halo 3, there’s a good chance many people will buy Wolfenstein to jump into the new beta. Don’t miss the opportunity.