Early copies of the collector's edition Pillars of Eternity game guide arrived in Prima's office this week! These guides are packed with content and wrapped in a high-quality, shiny hardcover. Take a look:

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For those who supported the game and contributed at various levels to the Kickstarter, the printed guide is a really nice complement to the game, and you get the chance to have your name in print in the dedicated “Thank You” Section. It includes the printed names of over 8,000 customers who helped fund the development of the game via Kickstarter.com.

What else is covered in the Pillars of Eternity game guide? Ummm...what isn't covered? This guide is stuffed with strategy, expert tips and art. Take a look inside to see what else!

Inhabitants of Dyrwoods— In-depth coverage of all Races, Classes, Companions, and Pets. Maximize your strengths with our expert advice on character creation, attributes, ailments, and more.

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This Comprehensive hardcover tome weighs in at 512 pages and is your ultimate guide to Dyrwood.

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Quest Guide— Complete walkthrough for all four Acts of the Main Quest—including all Side Quests and Tasks. We chart your entire adventure in full detail, plus provide a Quest Index for quick reference

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Area Maps— Official three-dimensional maps identify all essential items, encounters, and steps along your critical path. Confidently navigate the treacherous wilderness and myriad dungeons with this visual companion to our strategy.

Bestiary— A high Lore value is indispensible for your party and we reveal the secrets of every creature to give you this coveted edge in battle. Learn each monster’s strengths and weakness, and always know which weapons and spells are most effective to defeat them.  

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Equipment Compendium— Your only resource for details on every weapon and piece of armor in the game. There are important situational considerations for how to arm and protect your character. Understand the subtleties of combat preparation to dominate your foes.

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Plus— Items, Spells, Abilities/Talents, Lore, Alternate Endings, Achievements, and more!

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Don't miss out!

These limited edition guides will only be printed once. When they are sold out, they will be gone forever!

Check out the Pillars of Eternity game hub for tips on finding all pets, creating characters, and more!

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