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Ever wondered what it is like to be inside a casino? Always wanted to experience the thrill of gambling without its risks? Let’s put an end to that curiosity. Here’s a game created for the purpose of fulfilling such desires.

Fallout: New Vegas presents to you the exciting opportunity to gamble your heart out at multiple casinos without burning a hole through your pocket. 

Fallout: New Vegas – Big Winner Quest

The Fallout Game Series


Fallout Universe

The Fallout series started as a post-apocalyptic, role-playing video game in the year 1997. In 2004, the game was developed and marketed as action role-playing games by Interplay Entertainment. The gameplay and the plotline of the Fallout series follow a dystopian setting.

The timeline of the game plot is 21st, 22nd, and 23rd centuries and portrays an imaginary, post-apocalyptic, futuristic world. Visuals of the game are created around the post-war culture of the 1950s  United States of America.

The Fallout series was deeply influenced by the video game called Wasteland, also created by Interplay Entertainment. Fallout received a hugely positive response from the video gaming community due to its complex gameplay.

With the release of  Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel in the year 2004, the video game was declared as an action game with role-playing features. It was the 4th video game instalment of the Fallout Universe.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel was the first game of the Fallout Series that was made compatible with gaming consoles.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 was the most innovative instalment of the Fallout series. Fallout 3 earned its title as the 3rd major segment of the Fallout Universe. This exciting installment of the series was the first one to be developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. 

The game was available worldwide on October 28, 2008. The previous games in the Fallout series had 2D isometric graphics and turn-based combat. What made Fallout 3 vastly different from its predecessors was its drastic shift to 3D graphics, real-time combat, and a free to roam game-world. 

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas, released on October 19, 2010, acts as a spin-off to Fallout 3. This addition to the Fallout franchise was created by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. The events of this video game take place in the year 2281.

The game’s timeline is set 4 years after the events of Fallout 3. Although Fallout: New Vegas cannot completely be considered as a sequel to Fallout 3, it retained a lot of similarities to its predecessor. Fallout: New Vegas was very well received by the gaming community and the critics – praised for its gameplay, quests, and excellent storyline. 

Fallout: New Vegas – Big Winner Quest

Fallout: New Vegas takes unmarked quests quite seriously. They offer some of the best unmarked quests that the gamer can clear for an added experience, and rewards. This game became a fan favorite amongst gamblers taking a break from casinos inside this list or stopping gambling for real funds. 

Fallout New Vegas: Big Winner Quest is an unmarked quest within the Fallout: New Vegas series that is to be completed for certain rewards. Fallout New Vegas: Big Winner Quest is a union between classic, action video games, and thrilling casinos. As it is an unmarked quest, it will not appear on the player’s Pip-boy.

The Big Winner quest within the game is one of the most extensive and well-developed unmarked quests inside the Fallout universe. Although Fallout New Vegas: Big Winner Quest is not a compulsory part of the video game, clearing this quest gives the gamer a sense of accomplishment.

The plethora of rewards collected upon the completion of this unmarked quest is also completely worth it. So, what exactly do you need to do in the quest? The answer is simple. The Big Winner Quest has a series of secret casino simulated games and has only one main goal.

The player needs to get banned from every single casino inside the quest. To get banned in casinos in the Big Winner Quest, the player character has to win a certain amount of chips while gambling in the casinos. Every casino offers a different house limit before the video game player gets banned. 

Even though the goal appears simple, there is a twist in the rules. The protagonist character of the video game, Courier, has to win 3 rewards before getting banned by the casino. If the protagonist is not able to win the said 3 rewards before getting banned, then they will not obtain the compensation rewards.

The Casinos of Fallout: New Vegas

Inside the wasteland environment of Fallout: New Vegas, the players can gain access to certain casinos. The player persona can choose from casino games such as Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette to reach the end game. 

  • Vikki and Vance Casino

  • Atomic Wrangler casino

  • Gomorrah

  • The Tops

  • Ultra-Luxe

  • Sierra Madre Casino & Resort

Vikki and Vance Casino

The Vikki and Vance Casino is located in Primm. Gamers can find this casino right across the street from the Bison Steve Hotel. Before the player can enter this casino, they’ll have to re-open it by completing two quests, My Kind of Town quest and A Team of Moronic Mercenaries.

After completing these two quests, the gamer has to wait for 2-3 days before the casino re-opens. The number of chips earned by the player characters signifies certain sure shot rewards. At 625+ chips, the player gets 20 more Vikki and Vance Casino chips.

At 1250+ chips, you unlock the Stealth Boy and at 1875+ chips, Leather Armor Reinforced. When you win 2500+ chips, you’ll get permanently banned from the casino. Although you earn a permanent ban, you can still come back for a drink anytime.

Atomic Wrangler Casino

Located in the Freeside across the street from the Silver Rush, Atomic Wrangler Casino offers a higher house limit. The players win a plethora of rewards upon successfully reaching the chip targets provided by the casino. 

If you have 1250+ chips, you get a beer; at 2500+ chips, you're rewarded with whiskey and a dapper gambler hat, and with 3750+ chips, you get absinthe, Rum & Nuka, and also a dapper gambler suit.

The house limit is 5000+ chips, reaching which you effectively earn a permanent ban. The player can still come back for services other than gambling, like the bar and the prostitutes (Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest needs to be finished first). 


The house limit gets higher with Gomorrah, a casino tucked across the road from the Lucky 38 in the first section of The Strip.

The wins offered in this casino are as follows: For 2250+ chips, you get 2x brahmin steak, at 4,500+ chips, the reward is Mentats, Jet, and two bottles of wine, and lastly, for 6750+ chips, a Combat armor, reinforced but not at full repair.

When you reach 9000+ chips, you get permanently banned. 

The Tops

The Tops can be found to the right of the player, as he enters the second section of The Strip. The house limit for this casino is 10000+ chips winning which should earn you a permanent ban.

The rewards in the game are as follows: 2500+ chips, for vodka, 5000+ chips, for brahmin steak and wine(consumable items), and 7500+ chips, for The Tops High Roller suite key.


Ultra-Luxe is the only casino in this unmarked quest that does not offer slot machines, but only blackjack and roulette. This casino is situated beside the entrance of the 3rd section of The Strip.

The benefits offered by this casino are: 3750+ chips for an atomic cocktail, 7500+ chips for a Brahmin Wellington, and 11250+ chips for the Bon Vivant suite key.

Earning 15000+ chips gets the player permanently banned. 

Sierra Madre Casino

Unlike the other casinos, Sierra Madre Casino can only be found in the add-on extension, Dead Money. The dealers of the Sierra Madre Casino are holograms, and to be able to gamble with them the player needs to deactivate the security holograms.

By winning in the games, the gamer receives the following rewards- 2500+ chips you get one wine and one Scotch. For 5000+ chips, you receive a Pre-War park stroller outfit and a Pre-War hat, and for 7500+ chips, you get a Complimentary voucher.

By getting 10000+ chips the player gets permanently banned from the casino and is no longer allowed to gamble at the tables. 


We could say that the greatest quests don’t always appear on the player’s Pip-boy! Fallout New Vegas: Big Winner’s Quest introduced a simulated casino experience within its gameplay, converging the gaming and the gambling industries to create a unique video game.

The Big Winner’s Quest provides its players with exclusive high-risk gameplay without any real financial consequences. Gamers and gamblers registered under GamStop get to enjoy the best of both worlds – the complexity of gaming and gambling inside one single video game quest.

The players are guaranteed a fix of dopamine and an overwhelming sense of fulfilment upon the successful completion of the Fallout: New Vegas – Big Winner’s Quest. 



* Article written in collaboration with our partner, IBG Media.