Bloodborne was a surprise hit on the PlayStation 4 earlier this year. The development team was well-known for its work on the Dark Souls series, but Bloodborne took what we know and love about Dark Souls and gave the concept a fresh take. The game was difficult but more action-oriented and appealed to a wider audience, despite being a PlayStation exclusive.

Now over six months after the release of Bloodborne, Sony revealed the first and only expansion for the game. With the new announcement fans have questions and we have some answers. That said, here’s a look at everything you need to know about Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

Release Date
While the DLC was originally going to be broken into two releases, this idea was scrapped, with The Old Hunters combining both expansion plans. The new expansion is set to release on November 24, 2015.

The Old Hunters is not available as a standalone title, and is only accessible to players who already own Bloodborne. The expansion will cost $19.99.

Size of the DLC
The expansion includes three new areas considerable in size. The development team spent the last six months working on the expansion, and it's taken this long because of the sheer size of the DLC.

New Weapons and Costumes
While the final number has not yet been determined, there will be 10-15 new weapons included in the expansion. That takes into account both right and left-hand weapons. There will be more ranged weaponry such as the bow, and well as new costumes for players to wear. The bow has a sword-like stance that allows you to attack similar to how you would with a light bladed weapon. Meanwhile the new whip weapon has a wide area attack and seems to inflict more damage at close range.

Story Additions
The Old Hunters is true to its name in that it features many of the old hunters mentioned throughout Bloodborne. One of the more notable names is Ludwig, who is one of the hunters trapped in the nightmare you must play through. It will expand the lore of Yharnam and shed some light on these older characters.

How to Gain Access to the DLC
You won't have to beat Bloodborne in order to access The Old Hunters DLC, but you also won't be able to play through it as soon as you start a new game. You gain access to the DLC somewhere around the halfway point in Bloodborne, but exact details are not yet available.

Expect The Old Hunters to be on par with the difficulty of the latter half of Bloodborne. It's been stated while you can access the expansion about halfway through the game, it's not recommended that you jump right in. At that level you won't last very long. Instead, you should play through more of the game until you near the end, then take on the DLC.

If you're having trouble getting through Bloodborne, be sure to check out our complete walkthrough and guide on the main game. We'll have more coverage of the expansion in the months leading up to the November release.