If you were lucky enough to pre-order an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series X, you may be interested in purchasing games and accessories to pair with your new console.

Right now, you can pre-order a number of Xbox Series X | S accessories including the Seagate 1TB SSD, extra controllers, and a charging kit.

You can also pre-order a few games for Xbox Series X | S. W

hile it may not be as dire to pre-order games and accessories right now (especially if you purchase a Game Pass subscription), it can be convenient to have everything delivered to your home.

It definitely saves you a trip to the store!

To help make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible, we've listed all of the accessories and games that you're currently able to order for your Xbox Series X | S! 

Buyer’s Guide for Xbox Series X | S Accessories and Games

* - Games that will be available on the Series X | S consoles at or around launch.

A lot of the games available on Xbox Series X | S at launch (and even games releasing in 2021) can also be played on Xbox One consoles.

Launch titles like Tetris Effect: Connected will be available on Xbox Game Pass, so if you're planning on purchasing a Game Pass subscription, you won't need to purchase certain games separately. At least, not right away.

Once they leave the Game Pass service you will need to buy them if you want to continue playing them.

All previous models of Xbox One controllers will work with the Xbox Series X | S including the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, Elite controllers, Design Lab controllers, etc. 

Be sure to check back as we'll be updating this guide with new games to pre-order as the listings are made available.





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