If you want to rip and tear through bosses like they are paper, then you are definitely going to want the new Borderlands 3 Legendary weapon that just dropped: the Yellowcake. This rocket launcher packs a radioactive punch that is not to be trifled with, which means it is definitely worth scooping up. 

With the Revenge of the Cartels event going on now, players have been treated to new bosses, new enemies, and new loot to earn. Among the new drops is the Legendary rocket launcher Yellowcake and if you ever wanted to feel like a weapon-fueled god, here's your chance. 

The Yellowcake rocket launcher is incredibly powerful with its projectiles in its vanilla form but it can be made truly OP by making it Anointed. If players invest their time into the Yellowcake, the rewards are immense with the most notable boon being a 3x buff to damage for the gun's output, which makes it the best weapon to take with you against even the toughest of bosses. 

With the hilarious, and on-brand, caption of "I'm really more of a pie person," the Melty Katetime Yellowcake rocket launcher has a high damage rate right out of the gate but as mentioned, that can be upgraded through the right perk. You can see the weapon in action at the video below provided by 'KhrazeGaming' to see how it handles in the game: 

With its unlimited magazine size, this thing is a beaut and one of the many reasons for Borderlands 3 players to dive into the Revenge of the Cartels event that is going on now. There are other unique rewards to earn as well, including weapon skins, Vault Hunter skins, and more! For those looking for those highly coveted rewards, here is a breakdown of some of the skins earned through the Revenge of the Cartel seasonal challenges: 

3 Challenges 

VECH-to Graphics ECHO Device Skin

6 Challenges

Retro Outrunner Weapon Trinket

10 Challenges

Framed Firewall Room Decoration

14 Challenges

Hotline Pandora Vault Hunter Head

18 Challenges

Death by Filigrees Vault Hunter Skin

As for the event itself to get the Legendary Yellowcake, the Revenge of the Cartels event is going on now in Borderlands 3 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. You can catch up on the latest Borderlands tale with our Game Hub here that has tons of tips and tricks for taking to the wasteland. You can also scoop up a copy of the game for yourself right here while supporting Prima Games at the same time!