We’re back with another weekly recap for the Blaseball season running from March 8 through March 13. If you’re new to these weekly recaps, it’s an overview and quick highlights from what you may have missed throughout the week to get you up to speed for the next season which starts today!

What is Blaseball?

Baseball is the absurdist baseball simulation game that has players watching their favorite team simulates games throughout the week. Its interaction is mostly found on the Discord server or on the wiki pages. You can wager fake money on games, which can be used to change the rules of the game during the elections, which are held on Sunday. The entire game is free to play at Blaseball.com

Ok so let’s get into it. 

The ongoing flood is still an issue. The water is everywhere and it’s constantly sweeping players off of bases, and the field, bringing them to an unknown location.

Some players have returned but returned Scattered. The Scattered status effect removed letters from their names and took away all of their Vibes. We are still unsure what long-term effects this will have on players and their respective teams.

This is an ongoing problem, and the Boss has assured us that it will be fixed soon. Despite these claims, we have seen no progress in fixing this.

This season marked a big milestone as all of the teams got to begin construction on their ballparks. These ballparks were crowdfunded by fans of the teams, and all were funded in a matter of minutes during the Earlsiesta.

Brisket Friendo and Tad Seeth emerged from the Postseason birth, but shortly after, they went missing. The Commissioner has filed a missing person report, and we are still waiting on the results of their findings. Our thoughts and prayers are with their teams as we hope Friendo and Seeth are found quickly and returned home safely. 

Postseason & Election

Congratulations to the Baltimore Crabs for winning the Internet Series this season.

The Election was held yesterday and the passing Decree with 53% of the vote was Free Wills.

Free Wills allows teams that finish in the Bottom 4 of the League to receive an extra Will in that Season’s Election.

You can see the rest of the Election results here.

Now let’s pour some peanuts out for the players that were incinerated this season.

  • Sutton Picklestein
  • Hotbox Seto
  • Hands Scoresburg
  • Raul Leal
  • Theodore Holloway
  • Lawrence Horne
  • Ruffian Applesauce
  • Augusta Chadwell
  • Combs Estes
  • Sutton bishop
  • Norris Firestar.

Well, it’s been another wild week. We will see you next week for another weekly Blaseball Recap.

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