With the Fate of Atlantis DLC coming later this month for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, many players are preparing to put themselves once more into the boots of either Alexios or his sister Kassandra. While many of us can't wait for the next adventure in the latest Assassin's Creed franchise, one cosplayer quite literally transformed into the incredible protagonist in a cosplay shoot that is nothing short of movie quality. 

The cosplayer in question goes by the name of 'MssSkunk' and her attention to detail with her craft is nothing short of breathtaking. From Red Dead Redemption 2, to Horizon Zero Dawn, to her amazing Assassin's Creed contributions, this is one cosplayer that you absolutely should be paying attention to if you like this community.

Don't take our word for it, check out her amazing craftmanship below:

From the detailing in the armor, to her expert use of special effects makeup to quite literally change her features into that of Kassandra, this is one community creation we couldn't pass up sharing with our Prima readers! 

As for the game itself, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.