Out of all of the cut concepts to intrigue us from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, seeing how Jesus comes into play has us the most curious. For those unaware, The Dark Descent was a intricate part of the growth of the survival horror genre, turning development trends on its head. To celebrate the anniversary of this 10-year old experience, Frictional Games dev just dropped a ton of knowledge bombs on us, including Jesus himself. 

In the game, the player runs into an actual historical figure with the occultist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, but that wasn't the only blast from the past that was considered for The Dark Descent. Among other names considered was the Count of St. Germain and Nicolas Flamel. Also considered was a historical figure that nobody knows if he really existed or not: Jesus of Nazareth. Given that many of the figures were alchemists, Fraser Brown from PC Gamer hilariously joked that turning water into wine could be considered a part of that trade. 

Other tid-bits shared include alternate versions of the Grunt, including a puking Baby Groot-esque character and flower faces; because naturally: 

The artwork also shared was a pretty interesting look into what could have been, and ... uh, trampolines are fun. Obviously, a very direction was taken with Amensia: The Dark Decent and they clearly made good choices considering how praised this title was when it first launched. 

For an incredible ten years, thank you to the team that gave us spoops, terror, and a horror game with no Jesus. Bless Amnesia: The Dark Decent.