Who likes giant robots? I sure do. I mean, the underlying message generally is how horrifying giant robots are, and that’s true. But as a genre? Hell yeah, sign me up. You can get cool giant robot stuff dating all the way back to the 1970s or earlier, but for our purposes I’ve lined up some more recent fare. Got a mecha fan in your life you want to get a gift or two for? Here are some ideas. Several of them require Steam (or a budget for importing), but them’s the breaks.

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Super Robot Wars 30 (Steam)

Super Robot Wars is a mecha crossover strategy RPG series that dates all the way back to the Game Boy. But fans of series like Gundam or Mazinger have had to rely on fan translations until recently. And even when the last few entries have been localized in English, your only option was importing SEA region releases. 

This year, Bandai Namco was finally able to drop a Super Robot Wars in a North American marketplace for the series’ 30 birthday. This is a great entry point as well, thanks to a high level of polish for the game’s UI and systems, as well as a collection of mecha IP that you’ll either recognize or be intrigued by. This game is only available on Steam in NA, but you can also import a Switch or PlayStation physical copy that still has the English translation.

Gearbreakers (Novel)

One territory I personally haven’t dipped into much is mecha stories in the novel space. There are several novels based on established properties like Gundam, but original stories are on the rise as well. One novel in particular that caught my eye is Gearbreakers, the debut novel from author Zoe Hana Mikuta. It’s about an oppressive nation using mechs, the resistance effort against them and an unlikely queer relationship that combines different interpretations of fighting from the “inside.” It’s neat!

Project Mikhail or M.A.S.S. Builder (Steam Early Access)

If you have a super hardcore mecha fan on your gift list, some Early Access titles on Steam that show some promise have emerged. M.A.S.S. Builder is an arcade-like action game with a focus on cosmetics. You can spend hours designing your mech, then take it out onto the battlefield to admire as you wreak havoc.

Project Mikhail is a game set in the Muv-Luv universe (more on that in a sec) that combines a nearly-finished story mode with in-progress beta multiplayer modes. One is a simple PVP joint, while the other aims to be a shared space where players’ individual actions impact the story for everyone.

Gunpla/Model Kits

Chances are if you know a mecha fan, you know somebody who’s put together a few model kits. And what’s better than model kits? More model kits. Gunpla, the street name for Gundam models, is the biggun’ but plenty of other non-Gundam properties also have model kits if you know where to look. Combine a new kit with some tools, branded paint sets or display stands and you’ll be a top-shelf gift-giver.

Muv-Luv War and Peace Bundle (Steam)

I was gonna try to avoid half the list being games, but I can’t neglect Muv-Luv. Especially since a spinoff is on the list, too. We do have genre diversity here, as the Muv-Luv trilogy is a visual novel, with a reputation for being some of the most harrowing storytelling in its space. 

The only caveat is the first game is technically a porn game, albeit with the dangly parts removed for nearly every commercial release. It’s a common practice for visual novels with “h-scenes” that happen to also contain strong storytelling. Just trust me on this one. You can get the first game, which is actually the first two, just the third game, or a bundle of everything (including some additional content) on Steam. 

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From model kits to video games, there are many ways to add to someone’s list of mecha goodies this holiday season. These are only a few recommendations, and there are plenty of other options both old and new. Super Robot Wars 30 is the clear marquee item since it’s so new and notable, but any of these other ideas would be easily well-received.